PanoCam LT Wide-field Digital Imaging System

The PanoCam LT represents the first entry of a novel technology platform combined with unique information systems, to help preserve healthy vision for patients everywhere.


The Image Capturing Unit&trade


The IRIS Handpiece - Independent Remote Imaging System

Shares patient images and data instantly and wirelessly between the hand piece and the console.

PanoCam Review Software&trade


PanoCam Review Software™

DICOM compliant imaging system allowing data and images to be transferred easily and securely.

Integrated High-resolution Color Printer


Integrated High-Resolution Color Printer

Prints images at the end of the session to be shared with staff and families for assessment and necessary follow-ups.

Widest Field of View

Widest Field of View

The PanoCam LT field of view (FOV) is the widest available with a minimum of 130 degrees – more than any wide-field imaging system available.

Plenty of Data Storage

Plenty of Data Storage

The PanoCam LT is capable of storing over 400,000 high-resolution images and patient data.

Fully Integrated for Convenience

Fully Integrated for Convenience

The PanoCam LT Digital Imaging System components fit easily into a compact, durable carrying case for easy transport within the hospital, or anywhere patients need imaging around the world.