PanoCam Pro

The comprehensive tool to aid in the diagnosis and management of pediatric and retinal vision disorders.



Central control over imaging and structural integrity of all posterior and anterior eye pathologies in one single system.


PanoCam Pro is upgradeable to expand applications.


Non-tethered Image Capturing Unit can be used to image newborns in NICU, Clinic, OR or Birthing Center.

Innovation and imaging excellence

The PanoCam Pro represents the second novel technology platform for complete visual imaging in children all over the world. In the OR, the NICU, Nursery, Clinic or Office – multiple imaging modalities ensure healthy vision for children everywhere.

Upgradeable modules to provide excellent visualization of vascular and structural anomalies.

Image of ROP

True-Color™ high-resolution images of eyes in all children – light or dark-colored retina pigment viewed easily.

Image of Retinoblastoma

The MaxMag™ 70 Degree Lens provides for higher imaging magnification.

Image of ROP

Fully integrated for convenience

From image capture in the OR, NICU, Office or Birthing Center, the PanoCam Pro is a critical tool for pediatric eyesight. It can help clinicians discover, diagnose, and manage pediatric and retinal vision disorders.

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