An elegantly simple, compact, yet powerful solution for highly portable, wireless imaging

The PanoCam Solo system features the completely wireless, handheld IRIS™ (Independent Remote Imaging System) providing total portability that helps preserve healthy vision for patients in any location – the hospital, clinic, practice, remote locations – anywhere the patient receives care.


The PanoCam Solo is the newest addition to the Visunex Medical Systems, Inc. family of imaging devices and is the first desktop console of its kind making it an elegantly simple, compact, yet powerful solution for total portability. The PanoCam Solo uses a 13 MP Sony® sensor in Enhanced Dynamic Sensitivity (EDS) Mode for superior, 8 MP image output. The exceptional results enable physician evaluation of ocular diseases and help ensure appropriate eye care pathways are followed.

The IRIS camera features an intuitive joystick for easy selection of focus, adjustment of illumination intensity, and quick image captures with a single-hand operation.

Enabling early assessment
With Innovative Imaging

The PanoCam Solo system with the proprietary IRIS camera delivers wide-field, 130 degrees, True Color™ high-resolution images for physician assessment of anterior and posterior ocular structures.

Giving your personal touch global reach WITH UNIVERSAL TELEOPHTHALMOLOGY

PanoCam DICOM images and data can be shared with hospital PACS, EMR, and cloud management systems. PanoCam telemedicine solutions are HIPAA compliant – ensuring all patient images and data are secure and accessible via the web anytime, anywhere.

PanoCamTM Solo Specification 
Intended UseGeneral ophthalmic imaging of ocular structures
ApplicationsAnterior and posterior ocular imaging
Field of View (FOV)130° Wide-Field Lens
Power Supply - Console100 - 240V AC
Weight - Console18.7 lbs
Power Supply - IRIS CameraInternal Battery, 7.4V DC, approximately 3.5 hours depending on usage
Weight - IRIS Camera1.4 lbs
Sensor & Output13 MP Sony® sensor in Enhanced Dynamic Sensitivity (EDS) mode outputting
an 8 MP image
System StorageConsole: RAID system, >100,000 images
IRIS Camera: >4000 images