Panocam—making telemedicine a reality

Transform the way you image patients at the hospital, clinic, or practice with Panocam, the wireless telemedical solution. Remotely image patients, access/send data 24/7 through our cloud, and integrate with existing hospital interfaces. Take patient care to the next level.

Telemedical Solution

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Photograph up to 100 patients in one battery life. Access and share  data remotely with our innovative DICOM and HIPAA compliant cloud software.



Effortlessly image multiple patients remotely with proprietary 130° wireless, wide-field technology. Provide dynamic assessment through video stream recording.


FA-Thumb Normal-Thumb

Visualize ocular disorders through True-Color™ or high contrast Fluorescein Angiography*.

*Fluorescein Angiography option is not available for sale in the US